Vibration Perception Threshold

Vibration Perception Threshold is an important method of QST(Quantitative Sensory Testing) ,it can provide a fast ,economic and accurate DPN(Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy) early screening method through relevant instruments in clinic application and early detect the serious complication high -risk groups .

The VPT Apparatus  is an easy-to-use  and  noninvasive diagnosis of neuropathy. It is consist of the host apparatus and the vibration probe, which could provide local vibration, and with the patient’s reaction to the induction, to auxiliary diagnose the neural induction system diseases.
This apparatus designed to measure the threshold of appreciation of vibration in human subjects simply and accurately.
Vibration Perception Threshold
 <15V  sign low risk
 16–25V sign intermediate risk
 >25  sign high risk .
Clinical application:
 -Diabetic foot disease test       -Peripheral nerve system testing
 -High risk foot diease screening   -Testing sensory threshold    
 -Sexual dysfunction inspection     -Nerve regeneration research
 -Examining early symptom of diabetic foot